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The Fast and the Furious 2017: Feel the highest speed!

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Undoubtedly, April is the most driving month of the year! It’s all because “The Fast and the Furious” fans finally will get access to the 8th part of this sensational film.


And what about you? Are you waiting for this crazy and explosive action movie?

Of course, the film trailer says a lot, but what exactly do you expect to see in this long-awaited part? Share your thoughts in comments below, or just choose one of the following variants:

  1. It will be an incredible chase.
  2. It will be a story of extraordinary love.
  3. It will be an example of true friendship that can support in any challenges!

Obviously, there are two best ways to prepare for this so awaited premiere:

  • Firstly, it may be advisable to rewatch all previous series of the franchise.
  • Secondly, it would be quite useful to feel all the “high” emotions related to adrenaline and speed on yourself.

The first part is kind of difficult task to complete but not for true fans! They will definitely handle 7-movies long marathon, even without a popcorn and soda. And for the second part, a bit of creativity have to be found - it could be skydiving or base jumping, or at least playing PC games overflowed with adrenalin.

Currently, online space provides a lot of games related to racing: different car races, adventure type of games and, of course, gambling slot games.


For example, one of the most popular online slots from Amaya GamingFast Track will help you to fully experience the atmosphere of competition and excitement. This gambling attracts speed lovers not only with its cool design but also it gives an opportunity to take an impressive jackpot. The bonus Fast Track system provides multiple wins that are growing from 1x to 5x. Also, the game allows you to bet from 0.01 to 5.00 dollars per line (the entire slot has 5 reels and 9 pay lines).

Illustration for article titled The Fast and the Furious 2017: Feel the highest speed!

Don’t be afraid to take the risks! Experience the taste of victory right now. Be prepared for the most expected movie premiere 2017!

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